Tired of Getting The "Silent Treatment" From Your online audience?

If You Give Me Your Undivided Attention... I'll ARM You With My... 
Most Coveted Persuasion Secrets
So You Can Easily Command "Celebrity Like" Attention, Win Over Skeptics & Whip Your Prospects Into Frenzied Buyers... Whenever You Want! 
Absolutely NO Sleazy Tactics Required (In Fact, Most Prospects Will Like You Even More!)
Dear Friend...

If you want the power to command more attention, summon a buying frenzy on demand, and create a spike in sales whenever you want... all without a lick of extra work... 

Then this page will show you how...

Here's the deal...

My name's Justice Eagan and just a few years back I was a 34 year old broke waiter trying desperately to get results in a home business I'd started, so I could climb my way out of crippling debt, and eventually get a tasty slice of that “time freedom” all the experts kept flaunting on Social Media (but just being able to pay my bills woulda been cool too)

Justice Eagan teaches business owners how to create more sales online.  He's also the world's #1 Uncle (self-proclaimed). Thanks to his ability to create sales on demand he can fly to see his nieces whenever he wants!

There were just a few problems… I loathed prospecting, couldn’t close a sale to save my life, and just the thought of constantly sharing stuff on Social Media made me want to cringe (though I occasionally mustered up the fortitude to spam lol)

Even after learning how to generate leads online... it turned out that I sucked miserably on the phone too.  The worst part was nothing ate up my valuable day faster than spending 15, 30 even 45 minutes on the phone... only to have prospects feed me lame objections that I didn't have the skill or desire to handle.

Shamefully... I wasted more than 10 months prospecting, spamming Social Media, and calling dead beat leads without making a single sale on my own (admittedly I was gifted one pity sale thanks to a business associate... which earned me a staggering $98 bucks)

Thankfully it was all a blessing in disguise...

What I didn’t know at the time, was my utter disdain for tedious and time consuming business strategies would lead me to discover…

The Single BIGGEST ADVANTAGE You Could Possibly Have In Your Business
Let me explain...

One day tragedy left me with no choice but to finally make something happen in my business.  So I open a borrowed laptop to desperately search for answers on how to start making sales online…

For the next several months I went down every internet Rabbit hole you can think of and shelled out money I didn’t have on books, courses, tools, training, you name it.

But after exhausting every suggested hack or strategy with nothing to show for it

There came a day when SOMETHING MAGICAL HAPPENED...

I Experienced My First Ever Buying Frenzy
One night, sitting behind a computer in the comfort of my own home, I enrolled 11 people into my business in just over 1 hours time!!

Get this... I hadn't prospected a soul (in fact all but 1 were strangers that I'd never spoken to before)

A few days later I enjoyed the first of several $1,000+ days courtesy of total strangers buying a completely different affiliate product I had offered on a Google Hangout (they used to be a thing lol)

With a smile of disbelief on my face and a swelling bank account I couldn’t help but ask myself one question.

Why were total online strangers, made up of successful professionals and other well adjusted human beings, all of a sudden, rushing like crazed animals to buy from (me) a broke waiter with no real results or business experience... and a shockingly poor “adulting” track record.

Well it ends up that by a generous stroke of luck mixed with way less skill...

I’d Accidentally Employed A Handful Of Persuasion Secrets That Turned Cold Strangers Into Frenzied Buyers Almost Immediately
Now to be clear, I can’t say exactly how it happened because I was shockingly clueless at the time (which just goes to show how insanely powerful these Persuasion Secrets are even in the hands of an inexperienced “newb” like my old self)

But I’ve since speculated that all the BUYING I’d been persuaded to do, coupled with the training I was going through had somehow rubbed off on me, and naturally come through a bit in my own marketing.  Enough to produce a wildly unfamiliar result anyway.

That was the beginning. From that moment on I was hooked.  I boldly declared...

"Never again would I pursue another prospect"... 

"Never again would I choose to work harder instead of smarter"...

"Never again would I convince or hard sell anyone"

And since that day I've proudly produced...

Millions Of Dollars In Online Sales Without EVER Pursuing A prospect or "Closing" A Sale
Even better... I routinely outperform marketers with bigger lists, larger, more engaged Social Media audiences, and way more internet "Star Power" than me... thanks ENTIRELY to my trusty war chest of "Go-To" persuasion secrets that I deploy over and over again like a one trick pony who isn't about to bite the hand that handsomely feeds it.   

Sometimes it feels like I have an Unfair Advantage and quite frankly I wouldn't have it any other way!

I mean ask yourself… 

Why would anyone condemn themselves to a life of hustling, grinding, and hard selling (not to mention all the wasted time and rejection) to grow a business that would forever require that same level of time and energy in order to maintain it.

When instead… you could take the time ONCE to permanently equip yourself with a handful of persuasion secrets that allow you to...

Me and some masked 7 Figure Marketers about to ride dune buggies on a trip to Cabo San Lucas Mexico.  This 7 Day Vaca was fully paid for thanks to my persuasive secret weapon for crushing sales contests.  Which I'm going to share with you.

Quickly, Easily & Ethically Seduce Your Prospects Into Action And Ring The Dang Cash Register Whenever You Feel Like It...
(And If You Do What I Teach You, Prospects Will Literally Love You For It)
I'm sure you agree it’s a no brainer!  And the good news is that for the first time ever you can enjoy the fruits of my persuasion secrets in your own business just a few days from today (or sooner depending on when you read this).  All for less than the cost of a dinner out (details forthcoming).

Well… small disclaimer on the “First Time Ever” part.  The truth is I've shared some (not all) of these secrets a handful of times before at my own weekend workshops that people paid $1000's to attend.

AND... often some of the best marketers in our industry ask me to train their most valued clients behind the close doors of  their exclusive high priced masterminds (pictured below).  So any business owners in attendance were privileged enough to get some of the goods as well...

Teaching attendees at Ray Higdon's Mastermind how to turn customer testimonials into irresistible Facebook Story ads that compel total strangers to beg you for information about your offer. (It costs multiple 5 figures minimum to be in this room!)

Moments before teaching the secrets of persuasive storytelling at Tanya Aliza's Ultimate Branding Experience Mastermind!  Some attendees from this room used my story formula (which I'll teach you) to generate over 300k in just 10 months.

Here's What Some Of Them Had To Say...

"“Over $300,000 in 10 Months on Their 1st Marketing Campaign”

Kathy Shneider & Jordan Maylea
Freedom Boss Babes, Lubbock, TX

"“Enrolled 25 New People
In A Single Day”

Staci Hall
Home Business Professional, 
Oakville, ON

“From Zero To 7 Figures
In Just 2 Years”

Todd & Leah Rae Getts
7 Figure Business Owners, Cape Coral, FL

Now You Can Learn Everything I Taught Them & MORE Without Paying A "Mastermind" Premium
All So You Can...
  • Generate more leads & grow your list faster
  • Increase email open rates
  • ​Boost Social Media engagement
  • ​Get more responses to your messages
  • ​Attract more fans and followers
  • ​Gain Authority in your niche regardless of results
  • Command attention anytime you want
  • ​​Get more viewers staying longer and taking action on videos and lives
  • Lower Ad cost with cheaper clicks & conversions
  • Increase opt in rates on capture pages
  • ​Close more sales on webinars
  • ​Create higher converting videos or sales letters
  • ​Increase customer testimonials & referrals
  • ​Repel tire kickers & chronic refunders
  • Eliminate objections before they happen
  • ​​​​Drive more click and sales from your email broadcasts
Introducing My Latest Course...


My 27 Most Persuasive Marketing Secrets
 Powerful Enough To Turn The Most Lifeless Online Audience Into Raving Fans, Hyper Engaged Leads & Ravenous Buyers Who Excitedly Jump At Your Every Command
Here's Just A Fraction of What You'll Learn
In This Training...
  • One wildly subtle (and dangerously effective) way to help your prospects convince themselves they’re the ideal person for your product, service or opportunity.  (I use this religiously in every webinar, sales video, sales page and email sequence I ever create and it works like gangbusters!)
  • A Pre-Selling ritual that get hordes of people 100% committed to buying before an offer is made available… even if they don’t know what it is yet. (This is my secret weapon for beating out more "well known" marketers to crush and even win sales contests because I'm already selling in droves when my competition is still at the starting block.  FYI: It’s completely fair and above board.) 
  • How to legally and ethically syphon trust & credibility from the world's most well known companies, celebrities or products to increase the desirability and perceived value of your offer. (Imagine having the Starbuck’s CEO, Beyonce, the founder of Uber, or Zuckerberg endorsing your product. If you don’t have them on speed dial, this is the next best thing and it's highly persuasive!)
  • My “Favorite Uncle” technique that cuts into the minds of your most skeptical prospects like a warm knife through butter & gets them trusting your every word with zero resistance. (This is an absolutely amazing shortcut if you haven’t established enough, or even ANY, authority & credibility with your current audience, but still want them to buy or join!)
  • ​A 3 Step Process that gets industry peers to excitedly promote you, endorse you, and down right sing your praises to their best peeps... even if you’ve never done business with them before. (I used this exact technique to get an army of other people feeding my Facebook group with floods of new leads before a huge promotion.  If you want to build a ravenous audience from scratch in a matter of days without doing the heavy liftingthis strategy is for you!)
  • ​One (often overlooked) and stupid simple way to drastically increase the conversion rates on your capture pages and sales pages.  (I’ll show you how this one small adjustment increased my capture page’s conversions by 300%. What’s so wild is that when you see both pages side by side you may not even notice the difference at first glance.) 
  • A Trojan Horse approach to winning the battle over skeptics. You’ll learn how I use an age old closing technique (with a twist) to cozy up next to a prospect's skepticism before I destroy it once and for all. (The only difference is that instead of leaving your prospect feeling defeated this little gem of a marketing move also builds an unshakeable bond of trust.)
  • ​The #1 way to instantly boost sales by being more of a jerk. (What’s great about this is that there’s an entire segment of your audience that won’t buy in less you do this.  Meaning if you’re not using this approach in your marketing you’re actually leaving sales on the table)
  • ​And SO MUCH MORE PERSUASIVE GOODNESS! (As if the above isn't enough)
Here's How To Get In Now At An Insanely Low Price 
right now you can grab Your spot For 
The Special Price of Just
IMPORTANT: Upon Purchase you'll receive a username and password where you can access the recording.  If you have any problems or questions email support@justiceeagan.com

Commonly Asked Questions About GUARANTEES and such...

  • Justice if this training is SO GOOD... do you stand behind it with a Satisfaction Guarantee?  Here's the deal... This is NOT going to happen, but if for some crazy reason you've actually consumed the information and you're not 100% Satisfied simply email support@justiceeagan.com within 30 days of your purchase and we'll issue a full refund no questions asked.  "DO NOTHING" DISCLAIMER:  If you don't consume the info either live or through recording (my system knows) then you have nobody to be unsatisfied with but yourself and will not be eligible for a refund.
  • What If I Miss The Live Session or Can't Attend?  You will receive LIFETIME ACCESS TO THE RECORDING wether you attend or not!  Upon purchase you will receive login details to my customer hub where the recoding will be archived once the live session takes place.  So make sure to jump in right away at the discounted price!
  • ​Is this training a good fit for my Skill Level or Business Model?  This training is great for any business owner at any skill level who is using the internet (or wants to) to generate business. Regardless of what you currently know, or are already doing... you will walk away with some really juicy and actionable marketing moves that will put anything and everything you're already doing on steroids immediately.  That means... that you can increase your results without increasing your work.   This is the type of stuff that EVERYONE needs to know and NOBODY seems to teach.
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